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Question Psychiatrist vs DR. Psychologist regarding BP Diagnosis

I had a therapist since 1994 and she had me go see a Pschyiatrist because she felt I had depression. It's been so long since I saw my Pshyciatrist and don't ever remember him giving me a diagnosis or filling out any questionaires. I just took meds he gave me. I'm 38 so I didn't have a computer until 2001 or so, and thats when I started looking up info on the meds i was taking. Some were said to be for bipolar, or schizo meds. (Seroquel, Abilify, Geodone, Depakote). So I just figured I had bipolar.
Fast forward to last year when I wound up in the hospital, I had to see a Therapist before they let me out and she happens to have her doctorate. She diagnosed me bipolar II and also had me test for ADD, and it came back positive for ADD too.

My Psychiatrist had changed my meds to Lithium 1200 and we tried Respierdol but he had me diagnosed as MDD, Major Depressive Disorder.

Later I told him I was confused because He and my Therpaist don't agree diagnosis and I feel lost. Has anyone had this problem and who should I believe. I like them both but confused.
Thanks any help

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