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New with migraine aura questions

Hello, am new here. Have had migraines with and without aura for 40 years. Recently had a root canal where jaw was propped open for 2 hours. A few days later experienced a migraine aura...the scotoma blind spot, lasted about 20 minutes. This occurred after heavy ipad usage and i beleive was triggered by glaring screen light. Long story short. This happened 3 more times in the last 17 days. Always triggered by light...once bright sunlight and the other times, again computer. Twice the auras were followed by the classic headache. The frequency of this freaked me out, so i saw my optamologist who dilated my eyes. Said all looked good and called these ocular migraines. He did not seem very concerned. Told me to cut out caffeine, wear sunglasses, avoid prolonged computer glare. Has anyone else had computer glare and or dental work,be a trigger for migraine or migraine aura?
I am 56 years old, in good health. No high blood pressure. Am hypothyroid, and on synthroid.

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