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Re: electric/shock sensation while falling asleep?

I also have had episodes of this in the past, and there was a strong electrical feeling that radiated downward from my head, through my body, but feeling strongest down the arms and legs. An alarming sensation, to say the least. Had about 100+ episodes a year for three or four years, and then they went away. I could find little or nothing similar about it, so I studied up on sleep mechanisms and the related electrochemical cascades that turn off your bodies ability to move. This is known as disfacilitation, and it is a normal part of falling asleep. When I found out about this process, and the timing in which it occurs, namely, right as one passes from consciousness to sleep, it made me think about the sensations I was feeling, and how they exactly coincide with that time of transition into sleep. I also noticed that I had a little bit of a hard time rousing myself, as if I were paralyzed. This happened to me about a third of the time perhaps.

I now firmly believe that the sensations are directly linked to this process. I have recently been having the sensations again, a couple of nights this week.
I think that dehydration may play a part in being able to feel the defacilitation process, as could electrolyte imbalance, particularly potassium, sodium, and magnesium, all three of which play a part in nerve conduction and neurotransmitter production. I am not a medical professional. Just a guy who reads alot, thinks a little, and talks way too much when he thinks he's right.... anyway, keeping a healthy hydration and electrolyte balance can never hurt you, and it may help with this. Hope you get some relief. I hate that feeling, but as I am an insomniac anyway, existing on 2-6 hours of sleep per day for over thirty years now, it didn't cost me any more sleep. I did wonder if I had something seriously wrong with me for a while. I now think I am feeling a normal process in an abnormal way, or that perhaps the normal process is altered slightly, allowing me to feel it. That is as close as I can get in words. Good luck!