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Re: Arthritis in hip

I've used aspercreme for the same. Voltarin cream works better for me- takes the sharp ache away- also ben gay and other "heat creams". Sometimes I take 3 Ibuprofen before I go to sleep.
I generally avoid doctors- so I am biased! But I like "Ceylon cinnamon + raw honey" daily- in tea or coffee, or applesauce! Don't use store cinnamon -rough on stomach- us the stuff labelled Ceylon- different species and ok on your stomach- I get it on line. I find it cuts the inflammation and gets rid of that continuous ache. I still have arthritis- still limp, still have a shorter leg- but it helps.
-I also give it to my horse (minus honey) who has knee arthritis- cuts inflammation. I tried chondritin/glucosomine/msm and after a month or two I hurt more. The hurting decreased when I stopped using it.
Good luck.