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Someone Please help! Do i have lung cancer?

Ok i'm like really scared. First of all , i just turned 17 last week. I was at the doctors last saturday thinking i had testicular cancer, but it ended up just being a varicose vein. So this past week, i kinda started feeling this thing in my left chest/lung area. Like a ache. Currently, i dont really feel it that much, but now i have a very dull, deep back ache/pain. Like it feels like it's totally on the left side of my upper back,and i'm just very scared. I think i'm going to the doctors tmrw anyway, but can anybody know what it could be? Btw, i smoked weed from about age 14 until like 2 weeks before my 17th bday. I also smoked ciggarettes very rarely, but am exposed to kinda alot of second hand smoke. Also, i don't have a cough,like at all.. A little phlem but it just dosent seem like too much of a symptom. I'm just really scared and any advice would help.I had heard that back pain like that could mean it's a tumor pushing on your nerves or something, and it worries me more that they're on the same side...Like i said, the pain in my back is like constant/dull/ and aching, like it doesnt really hurt, but i feel it. I tried getting a massage from a couple different girls, but it doesnt help. Thats all i can describe. Thanks to everybody in advance.

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