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Re: My headaches are really scaring me.

I understand how you feel. I think at one point or another, when we experience a headache (Either severe or not) we automatically assume the worst...It is human nature after all. It also does not help that we constantly read information about brain tumours and assume that, we too, are experiencing the same symptoms and feelings. Stress can also cause various symptoms you mentioned in your post, such as nausea.

Perhaps it can be chronic tension headaches. Though fairly uncommon, it may be the underlying cause. I am in no way a doctor, nor do I have a background in medicine, but I do believe that stressors in our lives can play tricks on our minds. Paranoia can be quite powerful at times. Please do not worry, contact a neurologist and determine other possibilities.

Also, do you experience pain or tension in your jaw at times???

I wish you the best. Good luck!