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struggling after 3 years. please help!!!!

hi, not sure if any of you remember me , but i had bad ed like 3 years ago which had lasted for 16 years. i injured myseldf running and could not exercise for 9 months, i went into a deep funk but managed to pull myself out of it. i have been so PROUD of myself. i put on some weight, and though it was so hard at first, i accepted it and realized how much i was missing out on, going on dates with my hubby, watching my kids grow up, etc. now i have been putting on more weight for no reason, i exercise the same amounts, pretty much eat the same for the last 3 years, and now my clothes are all tight and i can really notice it, and i'm hating myself again. i cried all day the other day because i know i'm going to slip into this ed again. why am i gaining like this? and how can i stop myself with this ed behavior before its too late? things were going so good and i actually enjoyed living again. i know i need to step on a scale to see how bad this is, but if i do i know it's all over for me(i never have stepped on scale, only at doc visit once a year, and i tell her not to tell me). i used to step on scale constantly, please help me, i need answers!!! thanks case

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