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Re: Anyone know of Medications that help Depression other than Antidepressants?

The only anti-convulsant I've heard of that's used for depression is Lamictal. Many bipolars use it as a mood stabilizer, but I've had friends with regular major depression that have used it with success. Out of the atypical anti-psychotic drugs, Seroquel has anti-depressant qualities, when used in small doses only. (Be advised that these meds can potentially have serious side effects, but then again, so do many of the anti-depressants.) Have you tried any of the older MAO (or is it maoi?) Inhibitors? There are also people who say they get a benefit from fish oil, omega-3, but it doesn't do much for me. P.S. If you are too depressed to exercise, I hear ya, but daily aerobic activity will at least raise your endorphin levels, always a big help. Good luck!

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