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Re: Honestly just searched for the 1st board that came up

Originally Posted by gamble29 View Post
I wonder if people stick around on this board if people are only here because they are down. I've hit a low and probably wouldn't be here if I wasn't so bad off right now. I have never posted to a message board, for fun or for something as serious as this...I'm just not sure this all ever gets better or if we have to face reality and this is who we are and have to deal with the rest of our lives? I've been through things where experts say its normal to fell as I do now, but now that Ive gone through this so long, I think I've always felt this way. I was just able to mask it more easily, I am still able to now, but it feels like its getting harder. I use to be religious but I don't think I am anymore but still I pray to something I will wake up better tomorrow and I pray for you all as well.
Hi, I understand where you are coming from, I've had major depression pretty much my entire life. Right now I am in a very bad place, being unemployed has triggered a major episode. I can tell you, I have had times in the past when it did get a lot better, with the right combination of medication and therapy - I can remember happy times. I think its normal to doubt your faith while you are feeling this bad, I know I do, but like you, continue to pray. Hang in there, it may always be a challenge for us, but it can get better