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Re: cognitive impairment with amnestic component

I completely agree. I ended up on Seroquel (anti-psychotic) for 5 years for what was actually a wheat/gluten allergy.

A neurologist is good to rule out MS, seizures, or a brain tumor.

A rhuematologist works with Lupus.

I'm also working with a sleep doctor. If you have a sleep partner ask them if you snore, gasp, or snort while sleeping. If so, I'd have this checked out ASAP. It will rob years of your life otherwise and it's treatable.

I'm currently working with all 3 trying to get a diagnosis.

Also, about 60% of auto-immune issues respond to diet changes such as a plant-based diet. IMHO, eastern medicine rocks for systemic issues like these. You won't find many doctors recommending diet changes and herbs. :-)

Don't give up if you know something is wrong. It's definitely a squeaky wheel situation.

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