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Re: Interpreting allergy skin testing

Scoring 5 on the dogs makes me concerned
because one dog does sleep in my bedroom
at night. I don't have the normal reaction
to allergies: sinus head pressure, off balance,
PND, ear fullness feeling,,,i.e. not runny,
Sneezy, nose type stuff. I am wondering
if I should have my dog sleep outside of
my bedroom at night? The allergy nurse
didnt seem as concerned about the dogs,
but said I should wipe them off when they
come inside from being in the backyard.
I am beginning to wonder?? If 7 was the
the positive control, then 5 is over halfway.
Maybe I need to be more proactive
with my dogs (of course, I would never
get rid of them). I am thinking for sure
allergy shots. What are your thoughts?
Does it sound like I am highly allergic
with these 7's and 9's??