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Re: Newbie with Questions

Originally Posted by Chellchell View Post
Hi! I am new to these boards and kind of new to Sjogren's. I say "kind of" because my doctors keep flipping back and forth on whether I have Sjogren's or not. I haven't been able to do the lip biopsy because of money issues (just lost my job) and my Rheumy is wavering between Sero Negative Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren's and for right now has stated I have Inflammatory Arthritis along with Fibromyalgia. I have known of the Fibro for 11 years, no dispute on that. I am on this board today trying to find out more info regarding Sjogren's because I truly believe I have it. I have the dry mouth and dry eyes so much so that I can't wear contacts anymore and my eye doctor believes I have Sjogren's.

My question today is can it cause joint pain along with dry patches of skin? I've always had sensitive dry skin but I have these patches now on my left thumb and some of my right fingers that are very dry and itchy and cracking. My one Primary Doc said it was excema (sp?) but I have noticed that it gets worse when my joint pain flares also.

Also, when my mouth gets very dry I noticed that I have a swelling under my chin. Is this the salivary glands swelling? It's not in the same place as my tonsils but before it. I will ask my Rheumy when I see her next in March. She is very hard to get into and I can't get an appointment before then.

It's great to have these boards to go to so I can see if my symptoms are like other people with Sjogren's. So many questions and I seem to forget them sometimes when I go to the doctor so it helps that I have someplace to go to ask between visits. Thanks for reading all of this!
Sjogrens is a weird disease, but to answer your question about joint pain and dry bet, those are just a couple of symptoms that can occur. It seems like every day there is some new thing to worry about. I have gotten so used to it that anything that happens, I just blame it on the Sjogrens and move one.
I have been on Plaquenil for three months and am happy to report that the pain and fatigue are gone. I get the dryness as well as peeling hands and feet, stupid rash on my rear that itches like crazy, you can feel it, but you can't see it.
I also have Primary Biliary Cirhossis and there is a question as to which came first since they are both auto immune conditions. The best thing you can have is a great Rheumatologist to sort of guide you through and talk to you. The dry mouth is the worst right now, but on the up side, it forces you to drink lots of water which is a good thing.
Take care and good luck to you.