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Re: Could my daughter have aspergers?

thanks so much for replying. i was beginning to wonder if anyone would!
its so confusing, thinking, does she have it? if so, how have I, school missed it? but from what ive been reading, girls hide it very well and it shows in different ways. I'm also wondering is it worth putting her through a diagnosis and label? not that its anything to be ashamed of but if she cant get any help, is there any point. All these questions are going round in my head but I at least want to talk to a professional who can A tell me if she has it and B how she can be helped if needed.
Are you glad you have a diagnosis? has it helped your daughter to know why she feels 'different'? i have no friends with a child on the spectrum who i can discuss this with so im finding it very difficult to know whats for the best. Hence, on here trying to get some answers.
So thanks again for your reply, its really helpful

Emma x