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Re: sudden, sharp chest pains on left side

I'm 24 and have the same problem. I just dropped to my knees in pain not but 5 minutes ago from it and it does steal your breath, its an awful feeling. My mom recently had a pacemaker put in for heart problems. She told me she had panic attacks and the same pain in her chest when she was my age and said it was gas, but I know what gas around my heart feels like and that is not it. When she had to go to the emergency room for a 210 heartbeats per minute episode, she was told that she had a a problem with a part of her heart over stimulating and increasing her heart rate. I'm thinking my pains may be small, short episodes of over active current in my chest. I'm thinking of having them do the same electric test on my heart to see if beta blockers might help. I hope you find out what causes it for you. Best of luck.