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Re: Possible seizure?

Hi Kaylata
Yes, this could have been a seizure, but as your doc said it could have been other things like a migraine, low blood pressure etc. I'm sure they checked all the stuff like your BP and iron levels afterwards. But you did describe pretty much what I feel like after my seizures. The sore legs (especially lower legs), sore head and wanting to sleep. Do you think you bit your tongue or inside of your cheek? I pretty much always do this. Some people suffer incontinence during seizures too. What do you remember from before you passed out? Any strange smells, tastes or feelings? And do you ever kind of go in a daze for a few seconds? I grew up with going in what I thought were 'dazes' - those episodes were actually a loss of consciousness and are known as absence seizures. Was anyone there with you to see what happened?
Hope you find out what happened,