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Re: I want to be happy im tired of feeling this way

Hey honey,
I just wanted to send you words of encouragement.
I was depressed for so long, I didn't even think being happy was a possibility for me. I had tried the anti-depressants before, But they made me manic and did far more harm than good. I took St. Johns Wart with a little better success. But I remember at 24 the depression was just to much for me. Therapists only wanted to put back on anti-depressants and other medications, AA seemed like a cult more than a support group and my family really didn't understand what I was going through enough to help me. I had finally decided to set a date and started planning for the end. I was just ill and tired and I saw no way out....

But of course I'm still here. It's actually only been 4 years (I'm only 28) but within the last year or so my depression has completely lifted. I finally believe I've figured out how to maintain a sense of well being and I am happy. I never even thought I could be happy. I spent almost 15 years feeling hopeless. Even as I right this I feel so happy I could cry.

So, my words of encouragement are, there is some reason you are depressed. You have to figure it out. If you're mentally fit (you like yourself, you're in a job you enjoy, you're in a healthy relationship with your significant other) than there's something else environmental maybe. The foods you're eating, lack of exercise, taking energy supplements, to much processed foods. If you're eating all the right foods then maybe you're not fulfilled in your soul. Do you volunteer as much as you want? Are you leading an exciting life? Do you want to go back to college?
Figuring these things out will help you and you can be free one day. I hope I don't' sound to much a like a hippy and I'm in no way a professional (obviously) I just want to let you know that there is relief.

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