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Re: Bone graft

I was given the same choice. I'm a man, 38 years old and my orthopedic doctor suggested I have the allograft (sterilized cadaver) bone. I also consulted a family friend who is an orthopedic surgeon. She also recommended the allograft (cadaver) bone for my age range and the fact that I'm in good health. She mentioned that if my doctor thought I could tolerate it, then she thought it was a better choice for me. She also said that there can be a small risk of chronic pain in the hip after harvesting your own bone (autograft) from that site. However, with the autograft bone, you do get the added benefit of living tissue and it is your own tissue and more likely to be "recognized" by your body.

I had the allograft (cadaver) bone transplant for the Evan's Procedure and I'm doing just fine. In fact, the Evan's Procedure with the allograft bone seems to be healing better than my medial displacement calcaneal osteotomy where my calcaneus bone was cut in half, slid over and reattached to itself. Even though both pieces of the calcaneus bone where mine, the medial osteotomy showed little signs of healing after 6 weeks. I think both are fine now but I won't see the next x-ray for 2 more weeks. If you check out the Boards on July 7th, I'll have posted an update.

Who knows what is best for you? Each person is different.

The bottom line is: ask your doctor what his/her recommendation is for you and then ask why.

Anyway, you ask one question on the Health Boards and you almost always get two (or many more) answers.

Good luck with whatever you decide.