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Question Has anyone gone through Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Greetings all,

I have been struggling with mental health issues since I graduated high school. I was originally diagnosed with depression and anxiety/panic attacks and have been on so many anti depressants, benzo's, etc with not having much success. Now at the age of 27 my mental health has caught up with me where I can't drive, go/be at work, hold a social circle/life, etc.

I had my therapist get me into an intensive outpatient treatment program because after so many trial and error runs on meds (and their lack in trying to help me improve my mental health) I've been in an IOP for 3 weeks now and have been diagnosed with being bipolar and placed on a new med on top of my existing meds.

Has anyone else gone through or is in an IOP treatment program? How did you fare? Did it help improve your mental health where you where able to become functional again or improve your mental health in greater strides? How long did it take? I've tried to reach out to others in my group aspect of my treatment program but no one seems to want to share info with me. I just want to know how the experience with for others and if you benefited from it or not.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, thoughts, stories, experiences, etc.

Thanks in advance!
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