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Re: Hida scan & ultrasound normal. Help!

Nausea is a common symptom with gallbladder disease, other common symptoms include gas/belching, diarrhea, tenderness in the right upper quadrant above the gallbladder, pain under the right ribs, pain in the back, pain in the shoulder, light colored stool.

However, not everybody has the same symptoms or the same sequence, you can for example get pain and discomfort on the left side.

I was awakened on several occasions by heart palpitations and had several panic attacks during the day. I have also had chest pains similar to heart problems. From what I read these kind of kind of symptoms are caused with signals that gallbladder sends the vagus nerve.

As to whether it is the gallbladder in your case that is hard to know given all the tests you have been through. If bile is backing up into the stomach that may indicate that the valve at the bottom of the stomach is not fully closing, apparently the valve can weaken as we get older.

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