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Re: Other symptoms -- are they related to SS?

Thanks for the answer. Hope you get answers quickly to the swelling issues. About the eye issues... I began having one droopy eyelid after a bout with "pinkeye" about 7 years ago, but it got better for a while. Recently, it is almost closed when I am very tired. The swollen eyelid (mostly on the other eye) started a couple of days after my visit with the salivary doctor and she had been prodding around on my salivary glands while doing various tests. I thought my allergies were acting up, so I took Benadryl a few days. But it has been five weeks now and my eye still looks puffy. I was supposed to do the lip biopsy this week, but it had to be postponed because of some paperwork snafu. I am anxious to get those results back so that I can have some degree of certainty about the diagnosis of Sjogrens.