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Re: Other symptoms -- are they related to SS?

I literally just got my results 3-4 weeks ago and I didn't even know what sjogren's was. It's kinda coinsidental (spelling) that I thought my throat, neck, and eyes swelling was from allergies, but no such luck. Thinking back now, my eyes have been swollen for a while. When I was diagnosed I started looking back at my pictures and realized that my salavia gland on my left had been swelling over the past like year or so and I didn't even notice it until I woke up one morning and couldn't swallow, and thought I was having an allergy attack of some sort. Now I am swelling all over the place. Thank you so much for answering, and I really hope you get diagnosed soon. It really stinks not knowing what is wrong, but knowing that something is definitely wrong. Get that biopsy as soon as you can. They can tell a lot from that biopsy. I hope you feel better soon.