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Really bad day today

pulled something in my neck this morning caring for my girlfriend then it seems to have spread to my shoulder and my back with intense headache I end up screaming at her wanting me to do honey do jobs I ca't do them I wake up in mornings and can barely walk everytime I do anything feels like I just sprain my wrists again it seems like my meds are making me have a short fuse or is it just because I hurt so bad I use to have a pretty high pain threshold but not anymore frustrated and it hurts so bad it makes me moan and cry frantically trying to find something to help with pain sad part about all this is my girlfriend doesn't seem to believe that I have this much pain in fact she tells me that by talking on here just make thing worse as if this is all in my head I feel like I can't take care of her anymore I don't have insurance and if I don't take care of her I won't have a job either I'm a little scarred and worried

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