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Re: Hida scan & ultrasound normal. Help!

No, they have not told me the percentage. Which has been frustrating. I am having a gastric emptying scan done tomorrow and will try to see if they will release my medical records to me. Oddly enough I don't experience a lot of pain, tightness or burning primarily. I have noticed when I eat fatty foods, did this intentionally, that my body isn't breaking it down properly and am seeing it come through in a diarrhea form. I did have one episode that was classic gall bladder attack after trying to eat a steak dinner. Intense abdominal pain under right rib cage that radiated to my back and right shoulder. Hurt like hell to breath deep. That went away within 45 minutes. I had a panic attack right before all this happened so my GI thinks I should try anti anxiety meds first. I am willing to try this, but I am really doubtful that it is anxiety. Thanks to everyone that is listening and helping.