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Unhappy Losing muscle mass in tongue, tonsils normal?

Hello everyone, I'm a 27m have gone to 4 specialists now (Kaiser Permanente), they couldn't find out why I am losing muscle mass everywhere

Some facts:
1. Neurologist said it's not ALS, muscles are strong but soft, no tone
2. I feel like the padding has gone. I can feel my bones and it hurts when you rest your arms on a table.
3. It has affected my facial muscles, muscles around my eyes, no more space between skin and eyeballs like it used to.
4. Sides of tongue look like someone took a chunk of bite off them. Tonsils are thin. The opening behind tonsils have atrophied.

Lab findings:
  • slight proteinuria (protein in urine) but not high enough for a kidney disease
  • very low Vit D
  • normal Cushing's test but high 24hr urine Free Cortisol (endo says could be stress)
  • Testosterone to be checked again
  • Checked for a number of things like arthritis, HIV, Hepa ABC, Antibodies, ETC, abdominal CT "normal", ultrasound fatty liver
  • I kept gaining fat mass despite being a Zone dieter (I do not eat enough even in a day's worth, no sweet tooth)
  • High BP and Rapid heart rate since 2008 = doctors said due to anxiety, Last EKG normal

Neurologist said it could be disuse atrophy. Can disuse atrophy affect the tongue too?? :'( Help me please I cannot die yet I have to buy my mother a house first I promised her that :'(

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