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High blood pressure until I have a beer???

Hello my name is Patrick I am 29 I just joined this board tonight I think this is kind of a cool place. Anyways I have been diagnosed with HBP last year during a routine physical. I was going through a lot at the time my wife wanted a divorce and my Dad was dying from leukemia. I got a physical after my heart felt like it was racing out of my chest one night and it scared the crap out of me. My doctor seemed puzzled because at the time I was working out and lost around 30 lbs and thought I didn't really have HBP. I continued to monitor my pressure for about a week and it was always high at the time. I went to a different doctor and got put on meds. I guess I am kinda wonder what the hell is going on with me is it anxiety or actually HBP???
I take readings at home atleast one to two times a week. I get readings anywhere from 160/90 down to 120/75 my average is 130/80 as of now, but after a few beers its always in the 120/75 range. My mom and my brother have HBP, but my mom also has anxiety issues. I feel like I am a hypocodriact since my Dad has passed, by the way I have worked out my marriage issues since all this had happed, but something is going on with me mentally I think my Dad passing scared me a lot and the fact I have two little girls makes realize I need to take care of myself. I guess I am just wondering if anyone else has had these same issues please take the time to respond. Thank you for taking the time to read my post

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