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Re: HSV-1 outbreaks that won't quit

Originally Posted by Argentinom View Post
Hey guys, I'm reaching out to people who have had an experience similar to mine. I got my first ever cold sore on May 6th, and since then I've been getting 1 or 2 every week. The strange part is that it's not on my lips (knock on wood) but above and even on my chin. It seems like when one is healing one pops up in a different spot, and it seems to be migrating despite my constant care of not touching my sores directly and washing my hands before touching my face. I take L-Lysine along with echinacea, andogrophis, red marine algea and I have eliminated high arginine foods (including bread, it's not easy) and I have even been put on oral anti-virals for suppression as of Thursday but I still keep feeling my lips itch in different spots. I use spf and try to avoid getting direct sunlight on my face and I'm REALLY trying not to stress out, but I just want to kiss the boy I'm dating. I want to be normal like others which HSV-1 and just get them once or twice a year at the most. I got bloodwork done and all my blood cell counts are good so my immune system is as strong as ever, I work out, so why can't my body get a grip on this virus?

I guess what I'm asking is if anyone had a similar situation could you please give me some advice? I'd even just take some encouragement at this point, I've been put on anti depressants because of the despair I've been feeling. Any happy endings out there?
Your best bet is to get blood work done. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. It's not a test of blood count, but for the specific virus. It's important that you know what you have/ don't have. For the time being, try to avoid risky contact.