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congenital hepatic fibrosis in an adult

I was diagnosed with CHF just a couple of years ago after living over 30 years with no clue I had it. I had high liver enzymes on a routine physical and after months of testing they found a mass on my liver. It was only once my surgeon was taking the tumor out that he realized my liver wasn't normal. That was overt two years ago. Now it seems I have two more that have regrown. I don't want another surgery but they are starting to be noticeable after I eat and get very bloated because there isn't a lot of "free space" in there. The masses are supposedly 10 cm and a smaller one...maybe 2 cm. Im thinking they grew back in the same place the other one was removed...and if I keep getting these removed more wool grow back. Also after my surgery (I had 61 staples!)I can now feel something really hard under my rib cage...almost like I can feel my liver. I was sitting in the spa relaxing one night and I was as if I could grab it...but when I tightened my abs...I couldn't feel anything anymore. if I'm lying down the area under my rib cage is very hard from about 3 inches towards my left side...all the way to the end of my ribs on my right side and about 5 inches down toward my belly button.

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