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Insomnia advice? Can't fall asleep.

I had the occasional completely sleepless night from the time I was a child. It seemed to be resolved by the time I was in my twenties. Until I was 28 and contracted mono. It's supposed to make you sleep a lot, but it made me stay up all night every night. Fast forward to now, three years later, and I still have this problem.

I have tried OTC and common sense remedies: melatonin, going in the sun during the morning, eliminating caffeine, exercising more, Unisom, herbal combination tabs, chamomile tea, valerian tea, 200mg Benedryl (on a particularly frustrating night). I have tried prescription drugs: Ambien, Elavil, trazodone, Remeron and hydroxy pamoate, some left over Vicodin from a surgery. It just seems like nothing does the trick. I stay up through it all.

Remeron in combination with Wellbutrin was the most helpful combination. I slept around 5-6 hours a night on average, but I still had sleepless nights at least every couple of weeks or so. I'm not taking the Remeron anymore because the side effects were really affecting me a lot. I'm back to just a couple of hours a night.

If I have three completely sleepless nights in a row, I'll sleep for nearly the whole day on the fourth day. Then I'll sleep for 6-7 hours the next and gradually taper back down to the completely sleepless nights again. My problem is falling asleep. I can lay with my eyes shut all night but the sleep doesn't come and it's really boring. If I do fall asleep its usually around 6:30am whne the sun is up. The baffling part is that I have tried to tire myself out by running 5 miles really hard after a completely sleepless night, but the day I ran was sleepless too!

I have recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia and very bad acid reflux. My blood sugar has been under control now for the past two months and I take meds for the acid reflux.

Does anyone have this problem or have any suggestions? I feel like the incredible hulk. Nothing makes me tired. Nothing.

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