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Re: Insomnia advice? Can't fall asleep.

Dear Incredible Hulk

This needs a more detailed diagnostic process. Many of the usual remedies you listed should have had some effect, even if you would not choose them for a long-term solution. If none of them did, then you need a deeper look into the situation, which would include a professional evaluation of diet, routines, behaviors, etc.

Many of the meds you mentioned are prescription, so obviously you have been seeing one or more docs. I don't know whether you have tried someone who specializes in sleep issues, but that's where I would go, and they would probably suggest a sleep study to see what is actually going on during your sleep period, in addition to an evaluation of the aforementioned routines, etc.

No presumption here, but I've learned it is also important to be very honest with your docs. If they feel you are not honest, whether you are or not, they will prescribe the standard routine but will not reach further.

"The only thing that makes me depressed, Doc, is not getting any answers from you."

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