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Re: Gallbladder or Gerd

If it is any comfort it is unlikely that it is your gallbladder that is causing most of your symptoms. However, as we get older, most people will develop gallstones, but for many they are just an annoyance.

The gallbladder will usually cause nausea, diarrhea, bloating, burping, pain under the right ribs, pain in the right shoulder, pain in the back, it will usually result in pale stool. That is not to say that you cannot have referred pain to places like the arm--I have had it.

Usually it is some time after you eat, when the gallbladder is trying to contract that you will feel pain and discomfort.

A blood test would only likely show something if a duct was totally blocked. Usually the protocol to test for gallbladder disease is to do an ultrasound and then the definitive gallbladder function test, the HIDA scan.