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Re: Foot Drop?

Originally Posted by Gimp123 View Post
Hi, I have drop foot after my hip surgery 2 yrs ago. When did you notice your foot drop? It may come back on it's own (6-12 mos). What you may want to do in the meantime is get an AFO (ankle foot orthotic) and you'll need new shoes that are 1-2 sizes larger to accommadate the AFO. Do the exercises that your PT gives you - these will help keep the muscles working...Another thing, when the weather turns colder, please, do not wear slippers! There will be times when you don't concentrate on walking and wearing slippers may cause you to catch your toes and thump - you have rolled your ankle and hurt your foot!! Please be careful when you walk - try not to let your mind waiver.

Do you have nerve pain too?
i noticed it about a week ago, I was told the numbness I have from my shin down is normal, well i had a leg cramp and tried to strighten out my leg (which is still non weight bearing) and i could not move my foot at all.

I have an appointment tmw with the dr and will see what his official diagnosis is.

I hope PT will bring it back and that I wont need another surgery.