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Re: OCD and driving

Wow. I thought I was the only one who suffered with this. Everything you wrote in your post could have been written or thought by me at one time. I thought and did the exact same things you think and do. Did you notice I said "did". The obsessive fears I hit someone and killed them passed a long time ago. I did the whole, swing back around until I was satisfied I didn't hit anyone for a good amount of a year. I would drive with my eyes straight on the road and no where else. I couldn't drive with others, because then it would distract me from making sure my eyes were on the road and all the people around me. I would also check road conditions and watch the news all the time, making sure there were no reported hit and runs. It makes you feel crazy and exhausted, but my fears passed. I don't know if this is the same with you, but my obsessive thoughts and fears will change all the time. I have worried about AIDS, killing people, germs, throwing up, hitting people with my car, getting an STD, etc. etc. etc. Once I get over one obsession, another will begin. It's like my brain is not happy unless I am nit-picking and obsessing about something. My advice to you would be to focus on the logical thoughts you have, like if you hit someone, the car following you would stop, you would DEFINITELY feel it and know (hitting a person does NOT feel like going over a little bump in the road), etc. Let your rational thoughts come and focus on those. Mindfulness really helped me too.