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Family is falling apart

My mother has had dementia for 5 years. My dad is her primary caregiver (although I have been the one taking her to ALL her doctor appointments, haircuts, etc. I also buy her personal care products and re-order her medications when she is out). In the past 6 months my dad's health has drastically deteriorated. He has been to the hospital 3 times this week (my sister is his healthcare power of attorney, I am my mom's). He is still calling all the shots with my mother's care. I have one sister. I keep telling her they both need assisted living. She is dragging her feet on it - I don't think she wants to start spending their money on healthcare at this point so there is more in the long run (for her perhaps?). We had a huge blowup over everything today - she called me a b**** and said some very mean things to me. I've just been trying to do what is best for my parents. Their house is so run down. Everything about them and their lives has deteriorated. I don't know where to turn next. I refuse to continue arguing with my sister over everything. My dad almost seems to need hospice care - there are days when he barely moves but the hospital just keeps shipping him home (he has alot of major health issues). My mom never had it good with my dad and I really want what's best for her. Should I see a lawyer over it all? Talk to a social worker? No matter what I do I'm sure my sister will not agree with it. I'm about as low as I can go over all this. My doctor recommended anti-anxiety medication for me with all the stress but I refuse to start on RX drugs. I don't know what to do.

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