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Re: Chronic, systemic inflammation

Thanks for both the previous responses. Some of your info and acronyms went over my head, but I think I got the gist of it. Itís interesting that an ENT doc brought the subject to my attention, but ENT issues donít seem to be commonly on the list of AI diseases.

Luca689, to answer your question, I was seeing the rheumatologist for CFIDS/FM. While Iíve had chronic fatigue for years now, no doc has ever offered that as a diagnosis, though she did diagnose fibromyalgia. she never asked or offered any info on the other conditions, though admittedly I wasnít complaining to her about them, and some were not present when I first saw her a few years ago.

Most of the issues I deal with are inflammatory/AI in nature, though as far as I know none of them are as serious as some of the more problematic AI diseases. I have CFIDS/FM (maybe or maybe not related), IBS, chronic sinusitis, psoriasis, some respiratory issues, chronic nerve pain (maybe or maybe not related), and a few other floating issues that may be related to inflammation. The only times over the past 10 years or so that I have felt well has been in conjunction with significant (40 mg or so) of prednisone. As a systemic anti-inflammatory prednisone relieves most of the issues as long as I am on it. Maintenance-level doses (5-10 mg) donít help.

Inflammation plays a major role in what I deal with, but I see no docs attempting to treat it as a systemic issueóonly on a condition-by-condition basis, which was my interest in starting this thread.
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