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Re: Gallbladder or Gerd

Originally Posted by Jladyblu View Post
I am feeling extremely frustrated. I had a double pass in April of this year. I suddenly start have upper chest pain that goes into my back on the right side of my rib cage, into my arms. It is horrible. Went to the ER, kept over night had an Echo test done and all is normal with my heart. (Very grateful for that), however if I eat anything or drink anything the pain is so intense I can hardly stand it. If I walk the pain is more intense. As a matter of a fact that is how it started was when I would walk the pain would be so bad I could hardly stand to move and when I would rest then it would go away. Now it is moving or resting. I do have acid reflux which was determined several years ago, but nothing will ease the pain. The only thing that keeps the pain away is if I don't consume anything at all. I asked while in the hospital if it could be my gallbladder and was told that the blood tests show that it is not, so the only thing that could be wrong with me is either acid reflux or scar tissue. My acid reflux was always controlled by either prilosc or Zegerid and now suddenly nothing will work at all. Help I am at a loss and in so much pain.
My doctor did blood work and tried to tell me I had acid reflux. I was having horrible pain in my stomach that moved around to my back, I couldnt walk, lay, sit or anything. I demanded and ultra sound on my gallbladder after 4 months of the pain and YES I have gallstones. Im scheduled to have it removed in the morning.