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Re: Tired all the time, hive over lymph node, weird symptoms

Originally Posted by Sunnie81 View Post
I tested negative to Bartonella and lyme disease but I did test positive for Rickettsia but after further testing, the dr. concluded it was a false positive. I did, however contract EBV 2 years ago.

My CURRENT blood tests for EBV are as follows:
Test: --- ----------- Result ---- Flag ------------ Reference
EBV to NA --------- >596.0 ------ H ---------- 0.0-21.9 u/ml
EBV to VCAP ------- >750.0 ------H ---------- 0.0-21.9 u/ml
EBV AB TO V IGM --- <10.0 ------------------ 0.0 - 43.9 u/ml
EBV AB TO EAIGG ---- 50.5 ------ H ---------- 0.0-10.9 U/ml

The infectious disease specialist I saw told me there is no such thing as chronic fatigue syndrome and that he thought I had depression. When I insisted that I did not have depression he told me it was possible to have depression and not know it.