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Re: My Thyroidectomy

Thanks for sharing your experience, I am scheduled for a TT on july 5. Reading how well yours went was an encouragement for me! Exactly what you described is pretty much what my surgeon told me to expect. May i ask why you had to have a tt? I have to becuz mine is enlarged, with multi nodules, and 2 unsucessful biopsies. I also have pressure and pain in the neck when laying down or turning head side to side. when i swallow it sometimes feels as tho i have a marble stuck in my throat. I pray my surgery goes as smooth as yours does...from what my dr (both endo and surgeon) tell me, it will take about 6 wks for my natural thyroid hormones to completely leave me and then we may have to play around w/adjusting my thyroid meds til i am functioning at optimal level. I will keep you posted on how things go and please keep me updated on how you are doing!