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Re: My Thyroidectomy

HI!! so glad you are improving daily!! My dr will be sending me home on synthroid, i think i explained it wrong...he said he wont test my blood work until 6 wks after tt and being on synthroid, cuz it takes that long for your body to adjust to the synthetic hormone, and to have any remaining natural hormone gone from my body..does that make more sense? I have to f/u with the surgeon 3 wks after surgery, and endo 6 wks after surgery, both saying if i have any problems in between that time they would see me immediately. The surgeon was also very informative about the parathyroids/calcium levels and he hopes to be able to keep them intact, but says they are usually "shocked" after thyroid removal, and thats why , like u i have to spend at least 1 nite in hops,.possibly 2 depending on calcium u mind me asking where you are located? I am in western NY. I'm very happy with my endo and surgeon choice......i think being comfortable with them makes the procedure alot less worrisome!!!! I will keep you updated for sure, and thanks for your updates! Have a great day!!