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Re: So confused about my please!

Even though you didn't have the best tests at first, your TSH back then indicated that, without a doubt, you need to be taking thyroid hormone replacement.

You titrated up on your doses much quicker than is recommended and usually faster than the body can adjust. Still, you don't sound too worse for the wear. Whew

The meds titration process is a slow one and, even though you've successfully pushed it along, I don't advise continuing to do so. Slow and steady wins the race.

We usually "feel" our levels after they "hit" so, even though you feel OK now, you might start to experience some hyper symptoms once you've "worn" that over-range FreeT4 level awhile.

For whatever it's worth, if you "have a thyroid storm", you wouldn't be in a position to stop meds - you'd be in a life-threatening situation in the ER. I'm not aware of anyone who was slightly overmedicated with thyroid hormone going into thyroid storm. Thyroid storm usually happens when a person is dealing with sustained "natural" hyperthyroidism.

The fact that your FreeT4 level is over-range means that you need to lower your T4 intake. Since you are taking the bulk of your T4 in the form of levothyroxine, you might want to ask the PA to lower your dose to the next dose size in line - 137mcg. Slow and steady is really the best approach.

Now, your FreeT3 level would be optimal for some people and others might need it a little higher. Since you say you're feeling OK, I wouldn't mess with your Armour dose.

You probably know that Armour is made from porcine thyroid that contains a larger proportion of T3 than T4 compared to human thyroid.

You may also know that levothyroxine is a T4 med. Our bodies convert our T4 storage hormone into T3, the active hormone. These are measured by the FreeT4 and FreeT3 levels, respectively.

If your body was converting the T4 in your levo into T3, your FreeT3 level would be much higher in the range than it is. It's clear you need the T3 in Armour.

I am aware of many people who take a mixture of Armour and levothyroxine - it has helped them to balance their FreeT4/T3 levels.

Your TSH is quite appropriate for someone taking any form of T3. People who are optimally medicated on T3 will have suppressed TSH.

I hope you are able to get labs after your dose adjustment so you can see just what it accomplished. It's really not a good idea to navigate the thyroid waters in the dark.
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