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Re: Papillary Carcinoma

I agree with you that FNA biopsy are not 100% clear. I had surgery in April to remove the left lobe and had frozen sections performed to diagnose papillary carcinoma. During surgery the frozen sections came back as follicular and appeared to be benign, so only the left lobe was removed. A week later pathology report came back that it was indeed follicular thyroid cancer. So, on Tuesday i had a completion thyroidectomy and paratrachael node dissection. My voice is very hoarse, but thankfully i dont have problems swallowing liquids this time! It certainly has been a rollercoaster ride. I too, have to do RAI treatment that is to be scheduled in September. So I am going to go 2 months without any thyroid hormones... I am going to be going super hypothyroid and I can honestly say i am dreading it.
Do you have to do a low iodine diet before the RAI?