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Re: Nopal Cactus Extract or Glutathione for fibromyalgis

<I have read> some warnings about the three G's, that the problem is that the body can convert glutathione into less beneficial things, if there is too much, or other conditions.

I would suggest having someone with knowledge and understanding to guide you in the use of glutathione, based only on my brief reading of that some time ago. I recall a warning there for people suffering migraines, also.

Glutathione is used to interupt what is known as the NO/ONOO "vicious cycle". Through a series of chemical changes, nitrous oxide is converted to Peroxynitrate. As I remember, it is a theory put forth by Prof. Martin Pall of the University of Washington. I think the conversion sticks to local tissues, not spreading. Where the loop is happening determines what type of problem the person experiences: FM, CFS, MCS, ALS. definitely learn and understand as much as you can. And for goodness sake if you come to understand it, come and explain it! Lol.

Forgot to say that its action as an antioxidant, is how glutathione stops the damage.

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