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Re: My Thyroidectomy

Oh my apologies, I misunderstood. Yes, that makes a lot of sense to me and my endo is going to check my levels in six weeks as well. I was put on 125 MCG of Synthroid and 5MCG of Cytomel off the bat.

Yes, my surgeon told me about the parathyroids becoming "shocked" so I am on calcium supplements for the next three weeks. They did check my calcium levels to ensure they were normal before I was discharged.

My pain is minimal now, but I need to keep icing. The swelling on the second day was worse than the first day, but now it's going down again. Breathing exercises are really important! They had me practice using deep breathes in the hospital using a little tool and doing it at home has helped me as well. The last thing you want is bronchitis after this surgery because it is uncomfortable to cough I'm still easily fatigued but definitely feel better with each passing day. I am located in Seattle and have been very happy with my care so far (I just moved here last October).

Good luck! I will be sending you my well wishes!!!