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Adderall vs Ritalin vs Vyvanse

Ive been on Adderall IR (40-60mg if needed) for two years now. It's been a godsend to say the least. I grew up starting dozens of projects at a time and finishing none of them. Now, I finish almost everything I start. I am half way through my shooting my first documentary film and I am starting the music composition phase for the film score. I've been able to do these things before but always got sidetracked and hated what i had started so I would chuck it and start from scratch. For twenty years I've been starting from scratch! Then came the darkness in the form of depression because I felt like a failure. I was diagnosed with Bipolar initially but the doctor told me to take some test. After that he said...

"Try this!" So I did, and the Adderall worked. Problem solved. But my question is this: does anyone experience agitation that comes out of nowhere while they are taking Adderall even on a strict dosing schedule? Just willy-nilly bouts where you don't understand how people around you could be so ignorant and stupid? I know they aren't stupid but my brain keeps shouting "get away from this ignoramus before you catch what he's got!"

It's ridiculous, really. These are people I love. But lately it's gotten worse. I get tense and I dont want to be around anyone. I just want to work on my music or film or read a book. Initially, Adderall squashed my inhibition and I was much more social than ever before. But lately, it's lost that effect. People are becoming a burden again. Bear in mind, I am also in therapy and it's working wonders but I'm just frustrated as hell that I can't get a handle on this.

Has anyone tried all of the Big Three and had any success with one or the other? My doctor prescribed Adderall because his specialty is Methamphetamine abuse treatment so he feels more comfortable doling that out - which I appreciate. He seems reluctant to switch even with the side effects I mentioned.

I just interested in hearing how Ritalin and Vyvanse work for others. Thanks for your time guys!

- Yarko

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