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Re: First PM apt next wk

Originally Posted by lake county View Post
Thank you. I will have my meds ready, prescriptions, OTC and herbal. My brace. I did get a fat packet to fill out by mail. Did that. I will start keeping a log. Thanks for that advice. I will encourage drug testing, I don't mess around. I hope I get a doctor who listens because I have a lot to say. I don't drink, smoke, no bad habits so my addictive traits are low I guess. I want to get his opinion on the wrist fusion subject. And I like the interview idea. But i don't have much choice, it would be tough to get a new referral and waiting another lord knows how long to be seen. Thats why I pray I get a good doc. He has only had his practice for a year or so. I like that idea, he will be around for a while. He is a DO. Are they good pain docs? Thank you all again, the help is appreciated.
My PM Dr is a DO, I don't notice any difference between them and regular doctors. I started PM recently. I was not prescribed any meds on my first visit, and did run into a problem with lack of communication in my practice, but it worked out and I am now feeling a lot better with the injections and pain meds that I am on. I agree with what people here say about it being trial and error. Even if you are not 100% happy after the first visit, stick with it. I feel like a lot of Drs try to weed out the fakers and medication seekers.