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Smile I don't know how to figure the lab results out.

My Tsh, 3rd generation came back to be .59 and the reference range is .50-4.30 according to the sheet my doctor's office printed out for me. My T4, Free was .9 with the ranges of .8 - 1.8. I also had an ultra sound a few weeks ago that indicated my right lobe of the thyroid is enlarged measuring 5.4 X 1.4 X 1.7 cm. There were some ill-defined hypoechoic densities in the right lobe of the thyroid that may represent small adenomas. The largest measures 1.3 X .8 cm.

The left lobe of the thyroid is enlarged as well measuring 5 cm X 1.5 X 1.7 cm with at least one small hypoechoic nodule in the left lobe.


1. Considerable enlargement of both lobes of the thyroid with several small nodles in the right lobe with the larges measuring 1.3 cm.
2. One small hupoechoic nodule also seen in the left lobe.

I requested that I see an endo. My family doctor has not commented on either the lab results or the ultra-sound. Lab test were completed on June 8th, and ultra-sound on 6/13 of 2012. I had been cleaning and found some old lab test and an mri from 2004 & 2009 that suggested I needed to keep an eye on my thyroid is the one of the reasons I had requested them to be ran again. I had felt so bad for so long (healthwise) that I have just gotten use to the fact that I have no energy, headaches, losing hair, brain fog-unable to concentrate, weight gain (workout 5 days per week since June 2011), constipation unless I use phyllium, sweat embarassingly like a pig.. Things like that for years. I just wonder if some of those symptoms have anything to do with my thyroid. I can post the labs and mri from 2004 & 2009 if it may be helpful.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.


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