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Re: I don't know how to figure the lab results out.

In 2004 the TSI was 89% Baseline with the range of <=125. The Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies was <2 iu/ml and the range was N <2. The Thyroglobulin Antiobodies was <2 iu/ml and the range was N <2. The FNA of the Right lobe of the thyroid gland in 2004 showed 1.43 cm slightly inhomogeneous nodule in the mid portion of the right lobe with the aspirate bloody. The cytology later showed 7cc of slihtly hazy brown fluid. Two smears and cell block show a mixture of blood, macrophages, lymphocytes and occasional neutrophills. No malignant epithelial eliments are identified.

I had an mri done in 2009 due to migraine headaches and problems with my neck. 1.2 cm cystic focus in right lobe showed up and a recommendation for further examination requested, but never pursued.

Does this seem like I have just a goiter due to iodine problems?