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Re: My Thyroidectomy

I've heard that weight is used to help docs estimate the initial dose of medicine...but that docs use your blood tests moving forward to make the adjustments.

I definitely understand your fear of not being able to breath freely. Initially, I did have to remember to take deep breathes because I did feel congested and my chest felt tight. But it definitely gets better - just keep practicing your breathing when you wake up! The first day my voice was more gravely and soft...but each day it gets better and today I sound like myself again So...that only took four days - not bad! I can't really raise my voice or laugh very hard, but I'm sure that will come with just a few more days.

Another tip I have to to try and wean yourself off of the Vicodin about 2 days after your procedure. I started to feel like myself again once I was just taking Tylenol - those painkillers are hard on your system and also affect your bowel movements (sorry! TMI), so everything just seems off.

You are going to do great! I don't normally post on boards but I felt I had to share my positive story because you're right, the majority of posts are negative and scary. One huge concern I have is with weight gain post-surgery. I'm 30 and I was close to my goal weight a few months ago. I'm not sure if this is one of your concerns but I realize that I just have to control as much as I can, and work out and track calories, etc. So far, I've actually lost 3 lbs because I haven't been eating tons because of the medicine. I plan to exercise everyday and just keep positive.

Any questions you have, no matter how insignificant you may think they are, please ask me and I will reply! I came across a positive post right before my surgery and it did a lot to help me out. She also had a very successful thyroidectomy, actually chose to go home the same day, and is back to being active in just a few short days as well.

I am so happy I spent one night in the hospital though! Are you on any prep medicines for the surgery?