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Re: Sister's Condition is Rapidly Progressing, but diagnosis is unknown

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post here. My sister has been an alcoholic for at least 8 years, (though I suspect it may be much longer). She's been physically addicted for 8 years, and has been through at least a dozen treatment programs. Over the past few years of on and off sobriety she began also using cough syrup as well as exhibiting signs of mental illness. In the process, she's lost her job, her marriage, her home, her money, custody and visitation with her children and now her sanity. She has periods of time where she's basically functioning and almost seems normal, with the exception of certain comments and/or lapses in judgement. Other times she's off the wall, with really bizarre behavior including screaming at my elderly parents for no reason, writing bizarre messages in nail polish on her car, etc. Her hygiene during these times is disgusting and she leaves food in her room for days. She drinks and drives routinely, though I'm pretty sure her license has been revoked again. She spent all the money from the first half of her divorce settlement. She can't work. She's torturing my parents daily, who are in their 80's. I want to have her committed, but she doesn't even admit their's anything wrong, plus in California I know it's difficult to do. Any advice at all would be appreciated.
Oh, and when she really goes off the deep end, she'll sit in her room for hours and talk, laugh and cry to herself nonstop and it can go on for days. It's so creepy. She thinks she's a victim in everything and that she's been and is being persecuted. Also, she's preoccupied with terrorism and conspiracy theories.