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Re: Do I have Fatal Insomnia... really worried!!!!!

The greatest cure for insomnia is fatigue and exhaustion.

If you are really worried about notfalling asleep the root of your problem might be ,as the other user suggested, a lack of proper diet and a fitness level that doesn't support proper sleeping habits. I would try getting into a fitness class or sports program of some sort and exert yourself physically. Besides becoming a model participant and a valuable player, you will start to notice you will sleep a lot better. Also feigning insomnia is a habit of malingering that attention starved pre adult humans do to try and understand their own insignificance in the world. Trust meI know I was once 18 and I went through all the same scenarios you were describing. And someone I trusted simply told me to quit worrying about redicilous nonsense, increase my physical activity levels. And to always remember that what you see in horror films is a product of someone's fictitious imagination.