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Re: Sister's Condition is Rapidly Progressing, but diagnosis is unknown

Originally Posted by Jaye66 View Post
The next time she is out of control call either the police or an ambulance. Explain what is going on. Tell them she is a threat to herself and others and needs a mental health evaluation. Once at the hospital hopefully they would admit her and figure out what is wrong. Tell them that she has no place to live until her problems are treated. They will have to do something.
Thanks. I kind of knew this was the only option, but we haven't wanted to do it because 1. We're worried about suicide and 2. California laws wont allow them to hod her for more than 72 hrs and 3. She'll be angry with us and weave us into her list of "enemies" and having some degree of her trust is our only advantage right now.

But yeah. I guess it's either that or continue this way. She does have a psychiatrist, but she rarely goes and he wont speak to us without her present or tell us her diagnosis. Frankly, I think he may have made this worse, with entertaining her deluded ideas and prescribing meds that worsen her mania., but that's another story anyway.

Thanks for the advice..